For a beginner, boudoir may seem like a great excuse to wear something cute and take a few snaps, but here at Boudoir by Karina, it is so much more than just that.

With a focus on beauty and empowerment, I am here to make you feel at home in your skin.

Starting with the makeup, lashes and hair - you get the chance to have everything done professionally, to make sure you are feeling your absolute best. Imagine that, you’re completely taken care of and then, to make it even better, I’ll give you access to our studio closet too. The client closet has over 80 different outfits for you to choose from. From bodysuits to comfy tanks and sweaters, we have something for everyone. I have countless examples of different options from some of the beautiful ladies I’ve had the honour of having sessions with.

I’ll have poses ready, different backdrops and lighting. These are all designed to empower you and with your limitless mindset, the floor is yours. Your photos are designed to highlight all of your best features! Let loose and relax with me for a few hours. Tap into your favourite you, and let the camera really capture your personality. Don’t worry about feeling rushed or like you don’t have time to get the shots you want; we won’t stop until we know we captured the right moments on screen.

Once you’re finished, make the most of that hair and makeup! Plan a night out for drinks with friends or on a date with your partner.

Your follow up appointment will be scheduled at the end of the session. I want you to come back and take a look at the images to choose your favourites. Before I play a slideshow of your stunning portraits, I give you a pep talk with some important things to remember, because we are not used to seeing ourselves anywhere but the mirror. Trust me, it definitely helps! Not only will you be choosing the best ones, but you’ll also be deciding what you want to do with them and how to present them! I have samples of all the high quality products we offer, so you can touch and feel to decide whats best for you. We also have TONS of beautiful cover options for our albums, which is what most of my clients choose. I’ll have your order created and get it to you as quickly as possible so you are able to display, gift or keep your images safe right away.

I can’t wait to have you in the studio for the full Boudoir experience! Click below to book a call with me to get on our calendar!